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Christa S. at South of the Border

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‚SOUTH OF THE BORDER: I was so excited to hear about the contest!! I sent out an email to over 150 friends, family, MySpace friends and online bulletin board group friends asking for their help. I told them about the contest and raved about the company and purses. This is the South Carolina picture – taken by my friend, Marjorie of Virginia! She and her family visited Myrtle Beach… so my purse tagged along!! :)

Jennifer C. in Times Square

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‚My mother and I went to NYC for a couple days o… I carried my SnapTote instead of a suitcase. It worked beautifully. For my picture, I tried to persuade a police officer…to let me take his photo holding my bag, but that wasn’t allowed. I set it by the curb to see if I could get some of the iconic buildings…in the background, but people kept kicking it. Finally, I had my mom take it…to the Times Square & W. 42nd Street signs. My SnapTote features the Jenney Grist Mill in Plymouth, Mass., on the side shown. Here is a bag featuring the history of America from before its founding in one of the most iconic intersections exhibiting the technological wonders of the 21st Century! ‚ -Jennifer C.

Stephanie M. at the Lincoln Library

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‚LINCOLN MEMORIAL: We live just about 45 minutes from Springfield, IL, in a perfect little town called Latham population less than 400!!! My daughter Sydney is on my Snap Tote and you can see her in the background of this picture. My husband was embarrassed that I was taking so many pictures so he was walking away with her!!! Sydney has ties to The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library on both sides of the family. On my side her great, great, great Grandmother was a Lincoln and on her dad’s side her Uncle Scott is a union iron worker and helped build the library. ‚ -Stephanie M.

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