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Pink Toile

Bild von innercity51
Pink and Black toile handbag with green beaded trim.

Nike for Romana Correale

Bild von Romana Correale
Romana Correale is the name and brand of a new independent designer from Siena, Tuscany in Italy, making handmade luxury leather bags.

Visit my official website and online shop:

Page on Facebook:!/pages/Francesca-Romana-Corre…

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Part of the “Le Forme” collection; Italian handmade luxury leather bags inspired by art and the simplicity of recognizable and clean forms, shapes and lines.

Photo shoot in Italy 2010.
Photo by Magnus Magnusson

Every Day Carry One (EDC 1)

Bild von The Pondering Moose
I am starting a new project documenting what people keep about their persons (because, after all, everyone seems to have actual baggage these days). Unfortunately I didn’t have the liberty of all my photographic kit here, hence the not so brilliant background, but its a start.

Contents include: Tubes of sugar; three boiled sweets; toothpicks; credit card holder; simple Nokia mobile phone; emery board; extra strong mints; medicine spoon; coupon; folding comb; measuring tape; mysteriously heavy medallion thing; folding pen; reading glasses and case; purse; fan; medication; notepad; generic ballpoint pen; more emery boards; sewing kit.

Shot using a Pentax K20D with a sigma lens using just the onboard flash.

Without any hint of advertising, I must attribute a good deal of inspiration to the Every Day Carry blog which does this sort of thing: it makes for an interesting peruse.

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