Contents of my purse für Liebhaber

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Contents of my purse

Bild von Dvortygirl
This is what I carry on a daily basis. See the notes for details. Taken on a cell phone camera (not mine) so the camera I do carry shows in the photo. I’ve considered getting a bigger bag, but I know it would just fill up with yarn and books, and weigh three tons.

Folkestone Wild Flower Garden – July 2010 – Mexican Girl Shoots The Family

Bild von gareth1953 the original
No the title does not refer to a Mexico City Newspaper’s headline today about a tragedy in that somewhat dangerous city just the rather strange fact the some Mexican tourists visiting the UK decided that Folkestone was the place to be. Yes I did talk to them and took a picture of them for their family album but their English and my Spanish did not enable me to find out ‚Why Folkestone?‘
Anyway they did seem to be enjoying themselves and, yes, I did think she was very attractive and, hence, well worth a snap. Gotta love that hat.

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