My first COACH für Liebhaber

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My first COACH
Bild von Smaku
So I bought my very first COACH purse a while ago. I really didn’t know much about them until my friends gave me the 411 when we went down to the States. One of my friends informed me that the smaller the "C" pattern, the less expensive the bag. Who knew?!

The bag itself is small but can fit enough. The only thing I would have liked was to have a shoulder strap on it instead of a small hand strap.

To celebrate this purchase, I decided to buy some things to go inside of it:

tic tac mints
Clean & Clear oil absorption sheets
Tide to Go stick
Sephora compact mirror
3 different lip balms from Bath & Body Works
Kleenex tissue

So what’s in your handbags?

Whiting & Davis Bags in Metal Mesh, November 1933
Bild von The Bees Knees Daily
Featured in Motion Picture magazine, November 1933

Louis Vuitton
Bild von Prayitno/more than 2.5 millions views: thank you!
Kodak Theater ~ Hollywood, California

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