What’s in your go bag?

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What’s in your go bag?

Bild von ashley_dryden
Knitting goes into knitting project bag which goes into my handbag which goes (along with everything else) into my Targus bag. Weighs about 15lbs with all this fun stuff inside.

Queen Bee of Beverly Hills | Designer Handbags

Bild von queenbeeofbeverlyhills

Aizome Katazome (stencil Dyeing) 100% Cotton Handbag 藍染ハンドバック

Bild von k_hiramatsu
Katazome is a Japanese method of dyeing fabrics using a resist paste applied through a stencil.

With this kind of resist dyeing, a rice flour mixture is applied using a brush or a tool such as a palette knife. Pigment is added by hand-painting, immersion or both. Where the paste mixture covers and permeates the cloth, dye applied later will not penetrate. (from Wikipedia)

The picture shows Aizome Katazome 100% cotton handbag. (Creator: Yumiko Mitsuhashi) URL: www.izu-ippin.jp/

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